Our online services are complete turn-key solutions that have been proven with years of usage and customers input.
Our most recent endeavor, Gambrell Harvest Fund is a private fund management service. Gambrell Harvest Fund showcases our technological tenacity and unique approach assisting private funds generate hourly profit utilizing high frequency methods in the cryptocurrency asset class.

Share documents online and other business information instantly. ProjectShare.com is in its 15th year. Hosting hundreds of clients and managing tens of  thousands of users.

Place complex conditional trades without form entry. Protect your trades with built-in discipline managers. We are stoked! Are you?
(currently serving customers of E*TRADE, TradeKing, and TD Ameritrade )

You broadcast live events and get paid for it. Yes, you get paid!

The desktop is not dead. We develop and create unique desktop applications and solutions that make a difference for our customers.

SmartOutline 2010
Our pride is in our signature solutions. SmartOutline allows you to collect various types of information into one file format. There is a place for disparate information, SmartOutline.

Our customers are always amazed at our approach to custom solutions. We deliver our services on time and on budget. Whether operating from detailed specifications or just a simple concept, we get the job done!
Microsoft CRM 4.0
We deliver clean Microsoft CRM solutions that work!

Since the introduction of ASP 1.0 we were there developing remote data access, telephony and intranets. Today our ASP.Net solutions exceed even our visions. With the power of ASP.Net and our custom applications, anything really is possible!

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